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1. Marjaan tooth paste does not contain any artificial colours or flavours. It is free from sodium laurel sulphate (surfactant) which is some cases is responsible for causing cancer.
2. Immediate relief from Gingivitis.
3. Quick relief from tooth ache and gums sensitivity.
4. Free from dentifrices, you will not find any particles of herbs in it. Herbs are soaked in water for a limited time, the residual water after filtration is used in the manufacturing of the toothpaste.

Extracts from the following ingredients are used in making this toothpaste-

βœ…Laung– Includes clove, the ever known natural remedy for gum care & bad breath.
βœ…Saunth– Ginger powder, known to reduce tooth aches & to have anti inflammatory properties.​
βœ…Mulethi– Β Herb that encourages great tooth care, preventing decay.​
βœ…Pomegranate flower– Prevents plaques, keeps the gum diseases at bay.​
βœ…Salt– Β It aids swollen, inflamed gums and rinses away bacteria from the mouth.​
βœ…Black Salt– Β Helps relieving pains. Well known to be a natural whitener to the teeth making it gleamy clean.​
βœ…Cardamoms– Its antiseptic properties make you wear a happy healthy smile. Say goodbye to dental infections & bleeding for good.

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