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Just my thing! I love it & I am sure you will. Any day recommend this tooth powder over others. It is all goodness packed in a little bottle. The dash of clove that you can taste, that is my favourite.

Jason Wong


I am an avid fan of organic so I just had to pick this one up out of habit but heyy guess what! This product is really so different from the rest out there. Trust me I am not the one who would say things till I meant anything. Fresh breath, white teeth, taste goodness too I swear 🙂 Try it !

Tanvi Kumar

Copy Writer

I am a fitness freak and I love to maintain a regimen that promises complete wellness & good health. Needless to say my work keeps me on my toes & often I only can catch about a few hours sleep. Fresh breath! is of utmost importance to me and I have to say Marjaan is just the product that qualifies as an all rounder.a


Event Manager